About Xtreh



Never seem to have enough storage on your boat? Always needing something under a seat where someone is sitting? You need Xtreh! A custom over engine storage tray designed to maximize easily accessible storage on your boat. Xtreh (pronounced extray) is perfect for storing frequently used items like ropes, dock bumpers, towels, life jackets and so on.

After seeing a few boats with factory optioned over engine storage trays I decided I needed one for my boat.  I asked my dealer if they could supply one but the answer was no. I searched everywhere for something I could use but I couldn’t find anything. I did find some boat owners making their own storage trays.The tig welded aluminum ones were super cool but I didn’t want to invest that much money. Others had purchased a tray that fit a different boat and attempted to cut and piece it back together to fit their boat but that wasn’t what I wanted either. I wanted my tray to be light weight, durable, mold resistant, affordable and it had to look great. 

After doing much research I wanted my tray to have a few extra features. First, I wanted two separate compartments. I wanted to be able to keep some items like shoes or towels dry while others like life jackets and ropes might be wet. I also wanted to keep any heavier items from sliding side to side. Second, I wanted my tray to not get too hot and I didn’t want my engine temperature to be affected by having it installed.  I found I could lower the surface temperature of my tray by adding a thin layer of insulation to the bottom and the non-reflective property of the insulation made it so the tray didn’t affect engine temperature. As a bonus I discovered that my storage tray makes a decent cooler so with the two separate compartments I could use one side as a cooler on days where I needed extra beverage storage. One bag of ice kept beverages cold for 6 hours. 

As a boat owner I think everyone with a V-drive boat needs an over engine tray. Whether your boat didn’t come with one from the factory or maybe your tray is broken or maybe you just want an upgrade on what you have you need to check this out. The manufacturing process allows us to easily customize the tray to fit almost any boat. Xtreh is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta so all pricing is in Canadian dollars