Drain Kit Assembly

Simply thread the fitting into the hole (finger tight only) and angle the drain hose slightly out and away from the engine. Do a quick check to make sure the hose won’t drain on to anything electrical. If you are concerned with the location of the drain contact us for options to drain differently.


Most kits will install in seconds…just drop it in. On a few models, you may need to remove a lift support temporarily or depending on how tight you choose to make your tray fit your opening you may even need to remove a bracket temporarily. Some trays come with the support rails not installed. A Phillips/star screwdriver is all you’ll need to complete the assembly. Most engine compartments have access from the side panels for weekly oil level checks or simply lift the tray out for full access to the engine compartment.


Xtreh kits come with a 1 year warranty from date of shipping and are guaranteed to be manufactured to fit your supplied dimensions.

Placing extremely heavy items like lead weight bags or mushroom style anchors in Xtreh is not recommended. Please do not use the entire Xtreh for a cooler. 1 bag of ice and beverages is the max recommended.